At Meadows Family Dentistry, we are excited to partner with Care Credit in order to help our patients be able finance their dental treatment. If you already have a Care Credit account, you may use it to pay for your services in our office. If you do not have a Care Credit account, you can access the on-line application for Care Credit through the link below:

Many of our patients have chosen to forgo traditional dental insurance, and opt for our own Value Smile Plan. This plan is not insurance, rather a plan that allows you and your family to save 20% on all your dental services in our office, excluding orthodontics. You purchase the plan with a yearly fee of $99 for an individual, or $149 for a family, and you then are eligible for our discount savings. There is no waiting period, and the savings become active on the day you sign up. To access the program and sign up on-line, please click the link below: